Batteries produced sustainably and locally?

Hapert switches to sustainable, local batteries

HAPERT trailers has entered into a partnership with Centurion. Centurion is a Dutch manufacturer of high-quality batteries. Centurion and HAPERT have the ambition to take battery quality to the next level.

We set some goals together. In this, we want to optimise the production process as much as possible that we reduce the use of gas. We also aim to replace our casting machines with a specially designed sustainable casting machine in the next two years. The composition of the batteries are of almost exclusively recycled material: battery box 100%, cover 50%, lead 99% and sulphuric acid (waste product).

The batteries are produced locally which will also reduce the CO2 caused by transport.

With this collaboration, we are continuously improving quality and longevity. Because we use a very short supply line, the battery delivered will never be older than 4 weeks. This prevents a ‘false start’.

To avoid downtime and inconvenience as much as possible, the batteries come with a QR code that can be used to easily order a new and correct one.

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