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Where the future of the trailer is conceived and determined.

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A trailer that tells you the weight?
A trailer that saves fuel?
A trailer that is driven?
Hapert Innovation Lab

Where the future of the trailer is conceived and determined.

Read more about H-Lab and the people who are active here. A select group of thinkers and doers from Hapert. They are the driving force behind the continuous innovations coming out of H-lab.

A trailer that
is lighter
yet stronger.

Hapert trailers proudly presents the composite floor. Composite is a durable, high-quality composition of materials. The composite floor is super strong and lightweight.

Aluminium with low co2 emissions from renewable energy sources?

How do we ensure that we are socially responsible as well as sustainable? By taking full responsibility for the complete chain of products.


An innovative approach with a focus on the future and our end users. With an extensive, durable range of trailers, we offer the transport solution for business and private use.

We believe that people should be more conscious of our planet and available energy resources. We extend this into our mission: a world unburdened by transport. How do we do this? By inspiring, inventing, developing and collaborating. We provide progressive, sustainable and reliable transport solutions.