A production that is CO2 neutral?

Hapert compensates fair trade

Climate change is one of today’s biggest challenges: temperatures are rising and we are increasingly facing unpredictable rainfall, floods and extreme drought. With dire consequences: crop failures, food shortages and degradation of our ecosystems. Climate change affects us all, but people in developing countries are much more vulnerable to its effects. To keep the temperature rise below 2 degrees, we need to act now.

While we in the West are largely responsible for climate change, people in developing countries are much more affected. That’s not fair. FairClimateFund enables projects that reduce CO₂ emissions while giving a better future to people in developing countries. We do this by investing in climate projects in developing countries with a focus on cleaner cooking solutions and planting trees according to fair principles. With the carbon credits generated by these projects, local households pay back their investment.

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